...with the love for travel, yoga, ocean, socializing  and good food. It feels like every year is getting better, we met like-minded people from the local areas and from around the world who joined our team and made it into what it is today, a business run with heart and soul. In 2019 we hope to meet you on one of our retreats in Portugal.

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Laura Bronkers | founder CASA DI YOGA

After traveling the globe as a TV producer, Laura blends her love of travel and adventure to create unforgettable yoga retreats, for the last 2 years at her second home in Portugal. A passionate yogi, cook, teacher and surfer, Laura hopes to inspire people to make healthier choices in life. She is also organising retreats for yoga teachers and working as a mostly plant based freelance chef. 



Jeanette Tromp | yoga teacher ALJEZUR

Jeanette teaches yoga classes since 2009, inspired on the traditional Hatha style. In addition different elements and styles like Iyengar, Vijnana Yoga and Yoga Nidra are part of the classes. Ayurveda is a big part of her life and as an Ayurvedic nutritionist and chef she offers also health program, gives food talks, is a massage therapist and a plant based chef during retreats in The Netherlands, Portugal, Luxembourg and Sweden.