...with the love for travel, yoga, ocean, socializing  and good food. It feels like every year is getting better, we met like-minded people from the local areas and from around the world who joined our team and made it into what it is today, a business run with heart and soul. In 2017 we hope to meet you on one of our retreats in Mexico, Portugal, Sardinia or The Netherlands.

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Laura Bronkers | founder + healthy chef

After traveling the globe as a TV producer, Laura founded CASA DI YOGA in 2008 to blend her love of travel and adventure to create unforgettable yoga retreats. A passionate yogi, surfer and chef, Laura hopes to inspire people to make healthier choices in life. She is looking forward to welcome you in Twente, Sardinië, Portugal or Mexico.

Anne van Staalduinen | yoga teacher PORTUGAL + SARDINIA

Working on international projects in development countries for many years, Anne is aiming now to surround herself with nature, waves and yogis. She travels the globe and has guided over 1000 students on retreats to Indonesia, Morocco, France and Italy. She teaches powerful ashtanga-based classes and deeply restorative and yin yoga concentrated on individual support and attention. You will meet Anne in Portugal + Sardinia.

Dagan | yoga teacher MEXICO

Practicing for almost 20 years, Dagan's focus is one of personal development, body maintenance and self-discovery. Beginning with the physical asana, we learn how to breath, move, hold and heal our bodies. Moving wisely and creatively to curiously discover new potential. This opens the doors to mental and emotional clarity, letting go and reflecting on the self. Through focus we can find strength, through surrender we can learn flexibility, through sensitivity we understand compassion. Learning these facets, improves your ability to create a life more aligned with your highest vibrations.